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All Saints' Church, Spofforth


West End Project


Spofforth Church ‘West End Project’ has three aims


   1.  To install a toilet and disabled access

   2.  To complete and upgrade the kitchen

   3.  To convert part of the space behind the screen into a community room (accessed via the West Door)


BUT before we can start grant applications we need to clear some space to make accurate plans. When the previous organ was made redundant in 1993 its bits and pieces were left behind. All the space beneath both sets of organ pipes is occupied by redundant organ parts as well, as much of the Vestry. This means that we have no storage space and the dusty old pipework is a breeding ground for mice. The Diocesan Advisory Committee has been to visit and is happy for us to remove all the redundant organ parts but they want the ornamental organ pipes to be removed as well so that we can fully utilise the space. Judy Beevers has found photographs of what the area behind the screen looked like without the pipes and original organ and made a plan of what we would like to do.




1.   Following our parish consultation period in August 2011 we have now formally applied for a Faculty (written permission from the Diocese) to enable us to clear the redundant organ parts out. These include pipes with scrap metal value whose sale (we hope) will finance the clear-out.The Public Notice went on display in the church on Oct.18th and we are hopeful that the paperwork will be completed in November. We’ve already been getting some quotes from organ builders to help us get some idea of how complex the clearout will be.


2.   After the organ parts have been removed storage space will have been created and Judy will be able to make a more accurate plan so that we will know how much money we need to raise for the project.


UPDATE - May 2013


The old organ pipes were removed in February 2012 and were due to be reused to create new organs in Germany. At the same time, the organ console was moved to nearer the front of the church.


As yet, there is no progress with regard to obtaining grants.




What is the likely outcome?  Even if we only manage to raise a relatively small amount of money we should be able to install a toilet and proper disabled access. With a bit more we can complete the kitchen, and if we’re really lucky we can make our community room.

Why do we need to do this? At the moment we have no storage space, a growing congregation and more big services so installing a toilet and disabled access has become vital. With proper facilities we could have more concerts, festivals and events. If we can create a community room there are no limits to its function – everything from TASK meetings to housing a community library.

Will the church look very different? No, if you look back towards the vestry from the main part of the church everything will look much the same with the wooden screen still in place but reverting to the pre 1913 situation minus the organ pipes. The wooden casings holding the pipes will be saved and re-used to make the wall for the kitchen area to replace the existing curtain. 

Where will we get the money?  We’ve managed to save a little bit of ‘seed’ money in our Project Fund over the last three years and this, combined with our plans and the backing of the Diocese, will show potential grant-givers that we are serious. But raising the money will need a lot of work.